The Man Who Knew Just Enough
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This quest opens up after escaping Reaver's Manor during The Masquerade. Like The Debt, it's an evil-aligned quest where you'll be asked to murder someone. To find the quest giver, Bob, head down the stairs in Bowerstone Market, and check under the bridge on the park side (in fact, he's standing directly opposite where you'll get The Debt, so you can pick these two quests up very quickly).

Bob will ask you to kill Leonard, who's been arrested but is going to snitch on his criminal buddies. Head up the stairs once you've accepted the quest and return to the entrance to the Market, where you'll find the cell and the lever to open it down an alley next to the Goods & Gumf general store. Pull the lever, but be careful of the guard, as you'll accrue a fine if he catches you. Once you have the door open, quickly kill Leonard and make a break for it, then return to Bob for your reward of 5 Guild Seals, 500 gold and some evil points.

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