Bored to Death
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You'll find this quest by speaking to two ghosts in Mourningwood, Max and Sam, who can be found by following the left-hand path out of the cemetery - look for the tall statue surrounded by dozens of gravestones. Max and Sam (sound familiar?) are bored with their afterlife. Being dead, you'd think that they'd be able to do all sorts of interesting things, but it's apparently not so easy. They need your help in recovering a book, the Normanomicon (sound familiar?), to liven up their deaths. It's buried with their mother, Mrs. Spade, whose grave lies in Millfields.

Once you've arrived in Millfields, you'll need to find the cemetery. Heading from Bowerstone, or the Millfields Monorail Station, head up to the top of the hill overlooking the lake; the cemetery is on the left side of the path and fairly hard to miss. Your dog will find a dig spot, as pictured, so get shoveling and you'll uncover the most wretched tome of the dead. Mrs. Spade's ghost will appear, along with an onslaught of Hollow Men; hold out against the attack and you'll eventually be given permission to, er, "protect" the book. Before you go, check inside the crypt for a Rare Book.

Bring the Normanomicon to Max and Sam outside the crypt in Mourningwood and they'll congratulate you, using it to... summon a literal party of ghosts. Enjoy the fitting reward of 10 Guild Seals and a cold glass of delicious "ghost ale". Completing this quest will open up the subsequent and more substantial one, Gone But Not Forgotten.

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