The Battle for Albion
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Here it is, the final chapter in your journey to taking the throne from its current tyrant, King Logan. Unfortunately, you won't have much time to prepare, but you shouldn't have too much difficulty in the proceeding battle, which will make its way through Bowerstone Old Quarter. During this battle you'll be with a few friends, including Ben Finn and Walter, along with the soldiers who served under Major Swift, so be sure to turn safety mode on to avoid hitting your own troops. If you haven't already looted this area and need supplies, you'll find a chest to the right of your starting position, and some dive spots out in the water.

Make your way up the path, battling Logan's elite guard on the way. As before, they've stupidly let their barrels of gunpower lying about, so blow those up to get rid of the soldiers quickly. You'll be under heavy fire from a mortar at the top of the hill, so keep on the move to avoid being hit. Despite what your companions say, there's little reason to rush, but on the other hand, there's little reason to dally either. Push up to the top of the hill and take out the men guarding the mortar at the top, and you'll see a cutscene where the Auroran ships will blow up the gate.

Make your way inside and you'll be in the Old Quarter proper. Logan's guard have set up sandbags, but once again they've left their barrels out, so exploit their stupidity if you wish. Although there's guards down the left-hand street, the way is blocked off, so simply head forward and toward the tree in the distance while dealing with Logan's men. As you reach the clearing, you'll see a house collapse and Sabine and Boulder will make an appearance; they'll fight with you for a little bit.

Head through the wreckage and you'll emerge on the other side. Check the dig spot nearby for some supplies, then make your way up the street and around the bend to deal with some more of Logan's guard. Charge towards the gate and take out the remaining guards, then run across the collapsed roof and hop down below to the street. You'll see some Dwellers fighting Logan's men, so help them out and then continue onward up the street, through the house when you reach the rubble.

Here you'll see Page making her way up the street herself, so rendezvous with her, taking the time to explore the collapsed house for a chest (it's past the ruins, inside the fenced area). March onwards, tearing apart Logan's forces, and you'll eventually reach the gate to the Castle. Mop up the remaining guards, and you'll find the gate broken down by Sabine and Boulder. The battle is over, and Bowerstone Castle awaits.

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