Consider Proposal to Drain Bower Lake
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During the 252 Days Left phase of the game, you'll be asked to rule on what to do about a vast mineral reserve that has recently been discovered under Bower Lake. Reaver has proposed that the lake be drained and mined for its resources, while Page stands against him.

The proposals are:
    1. Drain the lake and turn it into a quarry. In typical Reaver fashion, following up this suggestion will leave the landscape utterly devastated, with cranes and mining equipment covering all of Millfields, the sky darkening under the smog and pollution, and so forth. This is one of the single biggest changes that can be made to Albion. You'll add 400,000 gold to the Treasury as a result of your actions, and will lose favour with the people, Page, and of course gain some evil karma.
    2. Page wants you to turn Bower Lake into a nature preserve. This will effectively leave Millfields untouched, exactly how it is right now. It will cost 50,000 gold to do so, but this is a relatively small fee to pay for keeping things as they are now, not to mention that you'll have the favour of the people and some good points to show for your decision.
After this, you'll be brought to the Treasury, where Hobson will inform you of a citizen who wishes to make a sizeable donation to your cause.

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