Rule on the Fate of Mistpeak Valley
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Note that this is the final royal edict you'll pass before the Crawler's invasion of Albion, and upon returning to Hobson in your chambers, the endgame will commence, although the Treasury will still be open. Sabine will stand before you, along with Reaver. It's time to decide on what to do about Mistpeak, and whether you'll honour the first promise you made.

Choices and consequences are as follows:
    1. Keep your promise to Sabine, and Mistpeak will be returned to the Dwellers in full; they'll be able to self-govern and live as effectively a free state within the mountains. All of Logan's policies regarding resource use (mining, logging) will be lifted. Mistpeak itself will remain largely unaffected. Naturally, this is the good option, and will be reflected both in a bonus to your morality and a hit to the Treasury, in the form of 50,000 gold. 2. Defy your promise to the Dwellers, and instead mine and log Mistpeak for resources, expanding upon Logan's own policies. The Dwellers will be forced to work under the rule of Reaver Industries, and the landscape will be largely destroyed, although the effects are a little less disastrous than, say, Millfields. This is the evil choice, and you'll receive a karma penalty for it. The upshot? A fairly nice 400,000 gold, which could go some way to making up for the gold you may have lost in previous edicts.
This is, like your rulings on Aurora and Bowerstone, one of the larger and permanent decisions you can make for the future of Albion. The 400,000 gold is a resonable sum, but by now you're probably already decided on whether you're a tyrant or a benevolent ruler, so the price probably won't matter too much for you. Forsaking your oath will make Sabine your eternal enemy, and you'll lose his support in the endgame.

Warning: upon completing this sequence, you will be asked to return to Hobson. Doing so will initiate the endgame, and is the point of no return. If you do not have enough money in the Treasury to mount Albion's defense effectively, then you only have one option remaining to make that money: leaving the game on and waiting for rent to pour in. If you have anything else you wish to attend to, be they side-quests or family members, do it now. You were warned!

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