Rule on Brightwall Academy's Fate
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With 252 days to go, you'll be called upon to decide on what happens to Brightwall Academy, one of the first promises you made during the early stages of the rebellion. Meet everyone in the Throme Room to meet Samuel and Reaver, and start the proceedings.

Your two choices are:
    1. Keep your promise to Samuel and restore the Brightwall Academy to its former glory, at a cost of 150,000. It will become a centre of learning and education to all, open to anyone who chooses to visit, at no cost. This will improve your morality, and you'll find the Academy is rather bustling as a result of the decision.
    2. Break your promise, and instead re-open the Academy as a paid institution for those who can afford its fees. For this, you'll gain 300,000 gold, but of course, it counts as an evil choice, and Samuel and the citizens of Brightwall will be upset with you. The Academy will be populated only by the upper classes.
Again, another rather minimal choice as far as the Treasury is concerned. There's no influence on The Pen is Mightier... quest as a result of this decision, so you don't have to worry about that no matter what you decide. Another one of those take it or leave it decisions that depends on what kind of ruler you want to be more than it does the needs of Albion.

Immediately afterwards, you'll hear another proposal, namely, on how to deal with Bower Lake's mineral deposit.

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