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This quest becomes available upon completing the Restoration quest in Millfields, and will count towards the restoration of Driftwood into a full settlement. To visit Driftwood, find the bridge that you restored in the previous quest, and travel through the small wood into the next area. There are some bandits here, as well as some dig spots and a chest to loot.

When arrive, you'll be asked by one of the gypsies there, Robin, to clear out some Hobbes around the islands so that his people can settle down there and build a home for themselves. Easy-peasy. You can freely explore Driftwood at your leisure if you like, and you should run into a good deal of treasure, as well as all the Hobbes, but feel free to follow the guide below if you want to find everything available to you right now; it's probably the most efficient route around Driftwood, but there's still a couple of detours to find everything.

Before getting started, follow the shore to the left and into a small passage, and you'll find an Evil Gnome sitting in a miniature caravan. Turn back, then enter the water and begin swimming towards the large island on your left, but turn to the left to find a dive spot against the cliffside. Swim to the front of the island and climb your way up to the top for the first Hobbe group, then vault your way down right near where you came up to find a Silver Key on a lower ledge. Vault down once more to find a second Hobbe camp, and once they're dealt with, double back around to the rear beach for a chest.

Turn around once again and swim out to the second large island to find yet another Hobbe group on the beach, so deal with them as you wish. Before continuing, head towards the smaller island off the shore, the one with a bunch of boulders, and swim out there to find an Evil Gnome perched on one of them near the rear. If you like, you can also swim out farther for a dive spot in the distance. Swim back to the larger island, and climb up the winding path on its backside. You'll encounter some Hobbes near some ruins on the way, so smash them and then continue up to the very top of the island to find a chest and a dig spot. Continue back down the path near the large tree and you'll see a ledge to vault down to; do so for another chest. Vault down once more and you'll be at the front of the island.

Turn right from where you land, and make your way along the shore until you find a small grove of trees; there's a dig spot right nearby, and you should see a cave entrance in the cliffside. Proceed inside for another Silver Key, the second and last in Driftwood. Leave the cave when you're done, and take a left to the final island, a smaller one with some trees on it (the largest of a smaller island chain). Dispose of the Hobbes there, the last group, and search near the campfire for a dig spot. Continue towards the gypsy camp, but if you like, you can search the second of the smaller islands for a dig spot, and continue on to the edge of the shore for a chest nestled behind a tree.

Once you arrive back at Robin, he'll thank you for your help, and you'll be given 5 Guild Seals for your trouble. A bit stingy, but considering all the extra loot, not a bad deal. Completing this quest will open up two new ones, Gift Wood for Driftwood and An Island Getaway.

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