Missing Child
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Laura can be found outside Brightwall Village during Leaders and Followers, at the far end of the bridge coming into town. She fears for her daughter, who has gone missing in Mistpeak Valley. The quest is simple and straightforward, but provides a fairly reasonable reward, and is useful early in the game for building up your status with Brightwall.

Follow the glowing trail to Chillbreath Caverns - there's multiple entrances, so be sure to go into the right one. Heading out from Brightwall, follow the path down until you get to an open crossroads area with some stone ruins, and follow the wooden bride up as pictured here. Once inside Chillbreath Caverns, it's a clear run to the end for the girl, though take note that there is a chest in an alcove on the left side of the cave, and one or two dig spots along the way.

Upon reaching her, take her by the hand - you can run, but don't go quite so fast that she is left behind. Along the way, both inside the cave and outside, you'll be attacked by groups of wolves. These wolves are easy to defeat as always, but you'll need to make sure you take the girl's hand again upon killing them, or else she won't follow you. It's also possible to simply run past the wolves - there's no penalty for doing so, except slightly less experience, and it's much faster.

Return the girl to her mother outside Brightwall Village and observe their touching reunion, and your reward of 5 Guild Seals.

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