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Another short quest, this one follows Excavation. Head to the Dark Sanctum in Mourningwood and you'll find that Lesley's men have cleared much of the rubble. Unfortunately, they've run into a bit of trouble - Hollow Men are attacking the workers. Well, it is Mourningwood, right?

This quest is about as simple as it gets - run inside the Sanctum (which you'll explore more of in the quest after this one), and find against a horde of Hollow Men. You'll see a bunch of wisps flying around the statue in the centre of the room, so this will give you a pretty good idea of how many are left. They shouldn't be much of a challenge for you at this point.

Once the Hollow Men are dust, run back to Wesley for another 5 Guild Seals, and access to the next quest, Leverage - which, thankfully, is a bit more interesting.

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