Chicken Chaser
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Bernard is having a problem with his chickens - namely, they've escaped, and are on the loose around Brightwall! The horror! To round them up and save the poor town, you'll be given one of the game's more ridiculous pieces of attire, the Chicken Suit, and set off to find the feathered fiends. And yes, you can keep the Chicken Suit for the rest of the game once you're done this quest.

Head into Brightwall and your dog will soon alert you that some chickens are nearby. Approach the chickens and interact with them, and they'll follow you around. Simply return to Bernard to bring them back home. Repeat this for all 3 groups of chickens (there's 9 in total, but the groups are all of 3 chickens).

The chickens are always in the same places:
    • Right outside Bernard's home, just underneath the arch down the road.
    • In the residential area - follow the path down near the bridge, then take a right and continue down the alley to find them.
    • >Near the statue in the market square, just outside the front gates.
Bring all the chickens back, and it will be revealed that Patsy, Bernard's wife, had set the chickens free in her attempt to liberate them. Who knows, maybe those chickens could have gone on to be great artists if they hadn't been locked up! Bernard, meanwhile, wants to kill the chickens, seeing them as a menace to society. You'll have to side with one or the other, and will receive a small amount of good or evil points accordingly, as well as 10 Guild Seals as a reward. If you're doing the Leaders and Followers quest, this will count towards the 30 Guild Seals you need to gain Brightwall's favour.

No matter what you choose, this quest will lead to the new quest A Day at the (Chicken) Races.

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