Set Guard Budget
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Upon deciding the fate of Bowerstone Old Quarter, the clock will advance to 339 Days Left and you'll find yourself in the company of Hobson once again. The first order of business for the day: set the guard budget for the year.

You have three choices:

    1. Raise the guard budget, which will cost 200,000 gold, but will make the city safer and improve your standing with the people and the cosmos.
    2. Remain neutral and keep the budget as it is, for no change in crime rates, no gain in money, and no change to reputation or moral standing.
    3. Lower the guard budget, and you'll gain 200,000 gold for the Treasury. Crime rates will increase, and you'll lose moral standing as well as standing with the people of Albion.
Whatever decision you make, you'll see little actual gameplay effect from the decision. When you're done, you'll be asked to head to the Throne Room to consider two proposals for the new decor of Bowerstone Castle.

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