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Upon entering the Throne Room after deciding the guard budget, you'll be presented with two proposals for how to decorate Bowerstone Castle. These have absolutely no bearing upon the Treasury or on your morality, but rather are purely a cosmetic choice.
    1. Choosing the "good" decor will result in Bowerstone Castle being decorated with blues and whites, similar to its current decoration when you first move in. Outdoors, the atmosphere will be bright and sunny most of the time.
    2. Choosing "evil" decor will cause Bowerstone Castle to take on a darker flair, with deep reds and violets, slightly dimmer lighting. The outdoor areas will become foggy, hazy and rainy as well.
Although the effect of this decision is largely aesthetic, it does have a small impact on how people within Bowerstone Castle feel - they'll be more visibly frightened if you choose the evil décor, and more friendly to you if you choose the good décor, especially when serving your royal edicts. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep Logan's purple aesthetic if you happen to like it..

When you've made up your mind, the changes will be undertaken instantly. You'll be asked to visit the Throne Room again to decide on what to do with Aurora.

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