Peace, Love, and Homicide
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Although this quest and its follow-ups are intended for evil-aligned characters, there isn't too much of a morality hit for completing them, so you'll want to do them if you're a completionist. To begin Peace, Love, and Homicide, you must first have met Page during The Bowerstone Resistance. Go to Mourningwood and keep an eye out for a large gate by some fiery-looking magic (take the left path out of the Fort), then speak to Lesley, who's standing in front of it.

Lesley is upset at the hippies living in the Eco-Warrior Village, specifically their mayor, Rhys, who he wants you to kill to prove your evilness. In doing so, you'll be allowed through the flame gate... or so he says. Rhys is found near the middle of the Eco-Village, and his singing and dancing makes him quite easy to find. He should only take one or two hits maximum to kill, but remember that you'll need to disengage the safety mode before you can hurt him, as he counts as an innocent.

Once you've dealt with him, run from the town and back to Lesley. Unfortunately, it seems the gate won't open for you, even though you apparently proved your worth. Lesley says he'll work on it, and that you should return a bit later. For helping him, you'll get 15 Guid Seals, and access to the next quest, Excavation.

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