Fable III is a massive game, and one which has just about as much optional content as it does main story content, if not more. Much of the game is focused on exploration of the world, finding secrets, interacting with the people of Albion, and so forth. Adding to the difficulty of providing a comprehensive guide for Fable III is that there are no in-game maps to speak of, which means that it's hard to do the usual GameBanshee trademark map-oriented style of walkthrough.

To get around this unfortunate fact, this walkthrough will be broken down by quest, with optional side-content, treasure, and so forth detailed in their respective sub-pages. Demon Doors, Silver Chests, Silver and Gold Keys will occasionally appear on the beaten path, and the walkthrough will highlight these, but the primary focus is on one thing - getting you through the game in one piece, detailing any hints or tips that might be useful in more difficult battles, and letting you know where the key decision-making points in the story are.

This walkthrough is pertinent to the original campaign, its side-quests, and post-game content only. Please refer to the Walkthrough (DLC) page for information on getting through Understone and Traitor's Keep.

As usual, if you see anything in this guide which is incorrect, needs revision, or simply could use some adding to, please feel free to send us an e-mail and let us know!

Fable III Walkthrough

Introduction & Advice


Bowerstone (Prologue)


Brightwall & Mistpeak








Bowerstone (Return)


365 Days Left


339 Days Left


294 Days Left


252 Days Left


121 Days Left




Side Quests