Hobnobbing With Hobbes
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You'll only receive this quest after finishing the main storyline, though it's open to you no matter what your choices on the throne or the eventual fate of Albion. You'll find Dans Mourir, "famous" author, in Millfields, near some old ruins, just across the bridge from the gazebo in the middle of the lake. He wants to go live with some Hobbes, in order to study them for an upcoming book of his. That... doesn't sound too smart. Er. Oh well.

Grab him by the hand and lead him along the path to Dankwater Cavern, which can be found off the road towards Bowerstone - take a left when you find the spyglass statue near the top of the hill, and you should find some Hobbes outside the cave to use as a guide. Once inside Dankwater, drag him with you and slaughter any Hobbes you come across. Eventually he'll reach a safe spot overlooking a Hobbe camp, and thank you for your help in bringing him there.

Your reward for the escort is 5 Guild Seals; however, return to him in a few days and you'll find that he, er... well, what did you expect? If you take the time to explore Dankwater Cavern, you'll find that it's now been fully opened up to you, and you'll find the final Rare Book left by Dans Mourir, as well as two Silver Keys, inside. Well, I guess it was worth listening to him ramble after all.

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