Escaped Criminal
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Escaped Criminal is a rare repeatable type of quest which can be performed for varying amounts of money, and a small morality bonus. In addition, some Legendary Weapons need to have their augments unlocked by capturing escaped criminals, so doing these can be necessary if you want to max out your equipment.

Depending on where the quest is taking place, it will have a different name:
    • "Escaped Prisoner" (Brightwall Village)
    • "Escaped Convict" (Bowerstone Market)
    • "Bounty Hunting" (Bowerstone Industrial)
    • "Convict on the Run" (Millfields)
All of these quests are more or less identical. You'll find a guard or soldier who needs help in tracking down a recently-escaped criminal, due to a shortage of manpower. Follow the glowing trail to the indicated person, who will run away from you as you get near. Get up close or corner the criminal, and take him by the hand and drag him back to the guard. There seem to be different levels of difficulty for the escapees, with some surrendering almost instantly and others requiring a substantial chase to apprehend, and they'll put up a fair fight as you try to haul him away. The criminal you're chasing down is invulnerable; no matter how many times you hit him, he won't die, and you can actually receive a fine if you hit him enough times, so don't bother trying to solve the quest the "unofficial" way.

Once returned to the guard, you'll be rewarded with some money, ranging between 500 and 6,000 gold, and a little bit of positive karma.

Note that there seems to be a bug in all versions of the game where the reward you receive isn't displayed on-screen; in trying about 5 times, I never once saw the reward show up correctly, but other players report it does sometimes appear.

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