The Hollow Legion
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You'll exit The Hole to find yourself in a great, murky swamp. This area is Mourningwood, and it's home to all things muddy, nasty and undead. Walter wants to meet up with some of his friends stationed nearby, and potential allies for that matter, so it's off through the wood.

Head down the path and work your way through the water and mud, checking the dig spot at the foot of the large tree nearby. Walk forward and you'll soon come across a bend. Again, before continuing, turn right and you'll find a dig spot and a treasure chest. Turn back and you'll cross over a stone bridge, then climb down the slope. Once more, there's a side area with a treasure chest and a dig spot, if you're interested. Make your way under the bridge, and you'll soon find yourself facing a huge fort, where you'll be doing a good deal of fighting shortly. Be sure to check the chest along the way - it contains a unique pistol, The Bonesmasher, which deals extra damage to Hollow Men when upgraded, quite handy in the near future if you use firearms. If this is your first Legendary Weapon, Jasper should contact you and give a brief tutorial on how they can be augmented and improved.

In any case, you'll come to the gates of the fort and soon be permitted entry, where you'll meet up with two friends of Walter's, Major Swift and Ben Finn. It seems that this company of Logan's army have been stationed at this fort to hold the legions of the dead at bay, and are losing more and more men every night. After some exposition, you'll be asked to man the mortar on the fort walls, but take the time to explore the fort if you wish - there's some funny dialogue to hear, and more importantly, a store selling some potions on the left-hand side of the fort; you'll want to stock up, as you'll need them very shortly.

Once you're up on the wall, Benn Finn will introduce you to your loader, Private Jammy, and it's time for some target practice. Firing the mortar is quite easy, and once you've hit some of the stationary targets, you'll find that you're under attack for real! This mini-game isn't too challenging, but pay particular attention to your loader, as he'll spot targets for you. The key here is efficiency - try to hit as many Hollow Men with each shot as you can, which is easiest when they first spawn in.

Eventually the Hollow Men will make it to the gates and break their way in, so you'll have to defend the area the old fashioned way. Surround spells work great here as there are a lot of Hollow Men to deal with, as does the pistol you found earlier, but whatever you're most used to will work just fine as well. Poor Jammy will be killed during the battle regardless of your efforts, so don't worry about trying to save him. After several minutes the waves of undead will abate. Victory!

Or, not quite. Lieutenant Simmons will be revived by one of the wisps in the form of a high-level boss monster. Not only will he summon in lots of weaker Hollow Men, he has a ranged magic attack he'll use on occasion, and he'll also teleport around the arena. Your best bet is to keep your distance, as he's quite aggressive and does a good bit of damage in melee. If you have any spare Summon Creatures Potions, now's the time to use them, as they do a great job of keeping the Hollow Men occupied while you dish out damage. Eventually, Simmons will return to the dust from whence he came, and morning will come once again.

After some brief celebrations, Walter will ask Major Swift and Ben Finn for their help. Swift, despite being a soldier, can't stand his men being used to oppress the people rather than protect them, and so pledges his support to you. Once you've made your promise to him, you'll have Swift and the soldiers under his command as your allies (not the whole army, unfortunately), and you'll be brought to the Road to Rule by Theresa. New skills this time include level 3 combat abilities, "bully" expressions, level 4 jobs, and the ability to steal from people's homes and stores. Not bad!

At this point, you'll have some freedom. If you want, you can continue on and follow Walter - the path is quite straightforward, taking you first through a cemetery, then some trenches, and finally through the Eco-Warrior Village, a small settlement populated by some, ahem, hippies, where you'll find the entrance to the Bowerstone sewers. Walter for wait for you there indefinitely, however, and Mourningwood is a very large, open area to explore, with lots of secrets, collectables, and quests of its own. This guide will pick up from the point you've reunited with Walter at the sewers.

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