Economic Bail-Out
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Upon deciding whether to donate the White Balverine statue's proceeds to the Treasury or to pocket it yourself, you'll be whisked away to Bowerstone Castle, and the timer will advance to 121 days remaining. Note that although it seems like you've got lots of time left, this is actually the last "day" before the invasion of Albion. If you have anything you want to finish up, now is probably the time to do it before the endgame.

Hobson will greet you, as always, and he'll tell you that despite your efforts (or because of them?) the economy in Albion is collapsing, and requires a stimulus package on the kingdom's part to bring it back in the black.

Your choices are:
    1. Bail out the economy, for 500,000 gold. This will keep the people happy, and gain you some good points, but of course, it costs money.
    2. Do nothing and let the economy collapse. You'll lose no money as a result of this, as well as karma. It's possible that this has a subtle effect on trade, and you might hear more comments about times being tough, but given that there are no explicit economic effects apparent in the game, it's hard to judge. At this point, you're probably in a position where 500,000 gold isn't that significant to you, but if you haven't been gaming the real estate market, then your situation might be different, and 500,000 gold is a large amount. Still, by now it likely comes down less to need and simply how much of a jerk you want to be to your people, so don't sweat it too much.

    Once you've decided, Hobson asks you to head to the Throne Room to rule on another proposal for Aurora.

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