The Mistpeak Monorail
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To begin this quest, you'll want to wrap up any deeds you might currently be attending to, as you'll be away from the rest of the world for a little whole. When you're ready, meet up with Walter at the Mistpeak Monorail Station - find it by traveling to Mistpeak Valley and then following the path to the left, keeping an eye out for the ticket booth. The easiest way is to simply swim across the lake from where you fast travel in.

Once you're there, head down and find Walter amongst the crowd. You'll see the train come in, but a malfunction will cause it to fall off the track. Because it's what Heroes do, you and Walter need to head down and see if you can rescue any of the people who were inside the train. Follow him through the gate he pries open, then along the catwalk and up the stairs to the elevator. After Walter gets over his fears, ride the elevator down.

Take the path forward and you'll quickly encounter a new enemy, but not so new if you're familiar with the Fable games: Hobbes. It seems that these mischievous, cave-dwelling goblin-type creatures were responsible for causing the crash. Kill the Hobbes (these ones are the weakest variety you'll find), and remember that Walter is fighting with you, so he can both do some damage and take some blows for you, especially if you're focusing on ranged combat. Also, if you're pursuing the Gnomes are Evil! quest, check behind the train wreckage for an Evil Gnome hanging from a lamppost.

Continue forward and you'll come across a few more Hobbes, including some stronger ones, but still nothing too difficult. Note that there are a few explosive barrels in this area, so feel free to make use of them in taking out the Hobbes. As you enter into the room full of wooden barrels, you'll be ambushed by Hobbes, who burst out of them - deal with them as normal, but be careful not to be surrounded. Once they're dead, check behind the rack of barrels along the cave wall for a Silver Key, and make a mental note of the gate on the far side of the cavern - it's locked, but you'll return to it later if you want to collect another Silver Key.

Press onward, and you'll come across some small ponds. Dive into the one on the left of the cavern for a random item, then climb out and keep going. Up ahead, you'll see a fortification the Hobbes have built in the distance, with some explosive barrels conveniently placed nearby. You can either shoot them from afar, or circle around and flank the Hobbes if you prefer to get your hands dirty. Whatever you do, follow the path to the right. Around the bend, you'll run into some more Hobbes streaming out of a makeshift castle, along with yet more explosive barrels to fire on. There are quite a few of them here, so don't be afraid to use a Summon Creatures Potion or Slow Time Potion to even the odds.

Once you've dealt with the initial wave, move through the gate and some more of the creatures will burst out of some barrels. Dispose of them as usual, and then move into the next room, where you'll encounter some slightly tougher Hobbes, these ones dressed up as redcoat soldiers. Aww, how cute... kill them like the rest. There isn't much in the way of loot around here, so simply continue onward out the door and down the path.

You'll find yourself at the fort you saw earlier, which will be devoid of all Hobbe life if you blew them up from a distance. Otherwise, you'll have to take them out now. Be sure to grab the chest against the fort wall, and the dig spot a few feet past. Continue into the cave opening and run along the path some more, and you'll soon come across another doorway, which a new, magic-using Hobbe, will block with a force field. Walter will stay there to keep the Hobbes distracted; meanwhile, head down the right side and into the water.

It's a short swim (don't miss the dive spot on the way), and you're back on dry land, right behind the Hobbes. Walk up behind them and the wizard will dispel the barrier, letting Walter inside to fight with you. The magic user in particular might prove a challenge, as he's capable of summoning in skeletal Hobbes (Hollow Hobbes?), and casting a surround spell when you get close, so be sure to take him out quickly, and the rest should be easier to deal with. Press onward through yet another cave door, grabbing the dig spot in the left alcove on the way. You're almost at the end!

Move ahead into the next room and you'll be in a massive cavern, along with what appears to be an ancient arena-type structure. I think it's fairly obvious what's coming next. Before you go too far, check the right side of the arena's entrance for a dig spot, and upon entering, there's an Evil Gnome on the other side of the wall, just above the entrance. Step forward and you'll find yourself in battle with three Hobbe wizards. They'll quickly put a force field up around themselves and summon in a bunch of skeletons, so deal with them, then take the fight to the wizards when their barrier goes down. They'll bring in more and more powerful foes as you go, so again, don't be afraid to use some potions to make your life easier. The skeletons won't disappear as soon as you kill all the wizards, but you should mop up the stragglers quickly without any more being summoned.

With the final Hobbe dead and gone, time will freeze once again and you'll be brought to the Road to Rule, where Theresa will congratulate you on your victory, claiming tales of you will spread throughout the land for it... I suppose the surviving Hobbes are gossips? In any case, you've got access to some new abilities, namely, some new dyes for your clothes, the entrepreneur pack (you can buy and sell shops!), the Vortex Spell Gauntlet, and the ability to do Spell Weaving. Spell Weaving in particular is a very handy feature, and allows you to combine the effects of different spells (i.e. Shock + Fireball will stun and burn an enemy). Once you've got what you want, head back through the portal.

You'll find yourself back in The Hole, where Walter will deal with the remaining Hobbe wizard in a rather unorthodox fashion. Continue forward and across the wooden planks. If you're up for some backtracking for the sake of a Silver Key, read on. To your left will be a long, winding path which leads to a treasure chest, which contains the Technician's Key. Run all the way back to the barrel room from earlier, where the previous Silver Key was found, and you'll find you can open the gate there. Climb the stairs and make your way through the new area - there's a few dig spots and a chest along the way if you want to explore - and you'll eventually end up overlooking the arena from earlier. Grab the Silver Key, then head back the way you came (yes, all the way, unfortunately).

Back at the arena, head across the bridge and through the door, then climb up the path, up into the light of day once again.

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