The Prophetic Hermit
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This is a short quest that appears upon completing the main story of Fable III. Head to the market in the City of Aurora and speak to a woman named Karen there. She'll ask you to bring a brain in a jar to a "Prophetic Hermit" in the Veiled Path. Easy enough.

Fast travel your way there and simply make your way straight through the ruins. The Veiled Path is a completely linear area, but it's full of high-level enemies like Dark Minions and Sentinels, so the going may be tough. Note that if you haven't been here before, it's also ripe with additional content - in particular, there are lots of Auroran Flowers here if you're doing the Temple's Treasure quest, and an optional dungeon called The Enigma awaits you. Note that there's also a treasure chest immediately to the right of the Prophetic Hermit's shelter.

You'll find the Prophetic Hermit sitting in the shade of a tent at the very end of the path, outside the massive stone door. He'll speak to the brain you brought, and then give you 5 Guild Seals along with his thanks.

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