Mercenary Customs
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This quest, a short trader escort mission, is opened up once you've finished Leaders and Followers. To start it, head to Mistpeak Valley and talk to the trader, Billy, who's standing outside the Mistpeak Monorail Station.

All you'll need to do to complete this quest is take Billy by the hand and drag him to Brightwall, taking the usual route. You'll be attacked by bandits a few times along the way - once near the lakeside, once in a small forested area at the foot of the mountain, and right before reaching the exit to Brightwall. As with some of the other escort quests, you can actually ignore the bandits outright if you simply keep on running past them.

Ah, escort quests, the more times you do them, the more fun they get... or, not. Once you've arrived at Brightwall, you'll receive 5 Guild Seals, a discount on Billy's future wares, and freedom from his constant whining and reminiscing.

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