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Traitors becomes available after you've escaped Reaver's Manor in The Masquerade quest. To initiate it, simply head to Bowerstone Castle to witness King Logan's speech, where he'll perform another execution. Suffice is to say, things are about to get serious. You'll need to meet back with your allies at the Bowerstone Resistance headquarters to discuss further action.

Note that this point in the story constitutes a temporary point of no return. You will be able to come back and continue your work later, but you will be away from Albion for some time and won't be able to attend to any outstanding quests, your family, and so on until you return and finish up the series of quests that follows. With that out of the way, let's get to it.

Logan has branded you as well as the rest of your allies as traitors, and is now in the process of actively hunting you down. Unfortunately, you're not quite ready to strike out against the corrupt King, as you still don't have enough allies to storm Bowerstone Castle successfully. In a last act of desperation, Walter will suggest, on the recommendation of Major Swift, seeking out the land of Aurora, a separate continent from Albion across the ocean that few people know anything about. In order to get there, you'll need to hijack a seaworthy ship for the voyage.

Head out the back of the meeting room and follow along with Ben Finn. Check the junk pile just outside the sewer for a dig spot. You'll head through a previously inaccessible section of Bowerstone Industrial, and although he'll try to sneak you into the docks area, Logan's guards won't have it and you'll be forced to bloodshed. Once the guards in the courtyard are done for, search the dig spot in the corner for 3,000 gold, then move into the warehouse.

Inside you'll fight more of Logan's elite guard, but they're short work, especially if you take advantage of the explosive barrels lying about. When will these mooks ever learn? Once they're through, climb up the stairs and dispose of the remaining guards, then loot the chest for some more valuables. Vault down from the platform to the boxed-in area, and continue out the other door.

Follow along the dockside towards the crane and you'll see the results of Page and Walter's work - the crane will be brought crashing down by explosives, blocking off the path to the docks, and several more charges will go off, shutting down most of Logan's naval forces in the Industrial district, allowing for a clean getaway. Nice! Continue down the path and around the bend to find a final group of Logan's elite to dispatch - they should pose no trouble. After enjoying your victory fanfare, Walter will meet you to join you on your voyage.

Head onto the dock and climb aboard the ship to leave Albion behind, at least for now. Your next destination? A land far beyond...

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