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After falling unconscious in the desert, you'll awaken shortly, with Ben Finn at your side, and an Auroran woman named Kalin. After a brief cutscene, you'll find yourself inside a stone building with the two, as well as Walter, who you'll learn is severely injured and being treated by their priestess. You'll learn Finn was found by some of the Aurora people after washing up on shore, and he convinced the Aurorans to send out a search party, which is how they found you. Make your way to the entrance of the building and the door will open, revealing to you, in all its dark majesty, the City of Aurora.

Kalin will reveal to you that the creature is called the Crawler, and that it has been tormenting her people for several years, years they have spent fighting a losing battle. She'll also hint that you are not the first ruler of Albion to visit Aurora, but first she'll ask you to explore the city. Head down to the fountain and speak to Selan, who is honouring the deaths of his wife and child at the hands of the Crawler. He'll tell you that people have erected shrines and written letters in remembrance, and indeed, you can find many of these within the city. Once he's done speaking, either take the time to explore Aurora; there are some treasure chests and other bits of loot lying around, but you'll be able to return to Aurora later for them, in more appropriate times if you wish.

When you're finished, return to Kalin outside the temple, and she'll tell you that King Logan visited Aurora several years ago, learning about the Crawler and the dire situation of the people. He promised them his assistance against the Crawler, but departed and was never seen from again. Although they are skeptical you'll provide help in the wake of Logan's departure, she'll have little choice but to take your word that you'll protect Aurora. Make the promise to Kalin, and you'll have her support in the upcoming revolution.

At this point, a portal to the Road to Rule will appear, and Theresa will tell you it's time to take Bowerstone Castle. There's only one unlock this time, the Blades spell, so take it if you want it, otherwise head forward and exit. You'll find yourself back in the temple, and Walter will shortly be revived by the priestess there, his sight restored. Seems he is a tough old nut after all. After the cutscene, you'll be at the docks and Walter will congratulate you on what you've accomplished, then tell you to board the ship to return to Albion.

There's little left for you here, for now, so unless you want to continue exploring, step on deck. It's time to take Bowerstone Castle and put an end to King Logan's reign of terror!

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