Life in the Castle
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When you gain control of your Prince or Princess, you'll be asked by Jasper, your personal butler and assistant, to pick a pair of clothes. Choose whichever you want - clothes are purely cosmetic, and have little bearing on gameplay save for how you look. You'll be able to re-acquire the other set of clothes later in the game, and soon will be able to change them at your leisure, so don't worry.

Next, you'll be asked to head out to the courtyard to speak to Elise or Elliot, depending on your gender. Make your way out of your bedroom (you can always follow the glowing trail to your next objective), then down the stairs. Take the time to explore the courtyard and interact with some of the people there if you wish. Elise or Elliot can be found at the end of the courtyard, overlooking the city of Bowerstone. You'll be given some backstory about your brother Logan, King of Albion, and about how he is repressing the people of the kingdom, as well as the option to hug or kiss your sweetheart (again, this has little effect on gameplay).

Take your friend by the hand and go back the way you came; the door across from the stairway you first came down earlier will now be open. Once inside, you'll be asked to give a speech to the workers there, either encouraging or penalising. This is your first moral decision, one of many in the game, and while its ultimate effect of this one is small, you may already want to think about how you behave towards people, as it will affect your appearance and how the world reacts to you.

In any case, after the speech, Walter, your personal trainer and an assistant to King Logan, will come in and take you off for some sparring practice. Follow him down the hall and you'll be accosted on your way by some workers who are petitioning the crown, again fleshing out the backstory a little bit. You may choose to sign, or insult the petitioners, earning yourself some good or evil points depending on what you pick.

Either way, you'll continue with Walter to the training room, and you'll be introduced to the basics of melee combat. Grab a sword and follow the instructions on-screen, and soon you’ll be interrupted by Elise or Elliot, who tells you of a demonstration occurring outside the castle. Follow Walter and your companion, and you'll see a brief cutscene. Walter will run off to speak with Logan, and your friend will drag you after him. Continue up the stairs after Elise or Elliot and you’ll end up in at the door to the War Room. You'll peek through the keyhole and see Walter beaten by one of Logan's guards for his insubordination, and upon entering be dragged off to the Throne Room by Logan.

Once there, you'll be presented with your first major choice in the game: have the protestors executed by Logan, have your companion executed in their place, or abstain and watch them all die. If you have your companion executed, he or she will be gone forever, but there is little story impact. If you have the protestors executed, your lover will remain alive, but will disappear from the game for some time, later appearing in a side quest and as a potential spouse (his or her place will be taken by someone else if he or she is executed). To abstain from deciding and have both the protestors and Elise/Elliot executed, simply wait until Logan counts down to zero.

Later that evening, you'll be in your chambers, with Jasper comforting you. You'll swear revenge against Logan for his crimes, at which point Walter will come in and pledge his aid. He suggests that you leave Bowerstone Castle and begin planning for the eventual overthrowing of Logan. Seems you're not the only one who's got a bone to pick with the guy. Follow Walter and Jasper out into the courtyard again, through the night. Eventually you'll find yourself at the gate to The Catacombs. Head down the stairs and enter the door to finish up the first half of the game's introduction! Prepare to leave the castle behind... your journey's only just begun.

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