Hunter's Lodge
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Hunter's Lodge is part of the Limited Collector's Edition version of Fable III on Xbox 360, and comes included if you have the PC version of the game. If you just have the standard 360 version, don't worry, as Hunter's Lodge is a fairly small optional area and doesn't contain any unique or special items.

You can find this large house in Mistpeak Valley. To reach it, head up the mountainside from the lake, taking the route you'd normally go to get to Brightwall. Climb up the right path, as pictured (not the far-right bridge), then take a right when you get to the second crossroads. Continue up the mountain, and at the next crossroads, head left this time - you'll know you're going the right way if you find yourself scaling a long wooden bridge along the side of the mountain. The way to Hunter's Lodge lies down the right path, just a short ways from the mountaintop (there's a Silver Chest there, if you haven't claimed it already).

The quest will automatically complete once you arrive, and you'll find a smallish location with a few dig spots around it. You might also want to explore behind the house and near the ruined archway for a couple of chests containing some gold. The Lodge itself is a medium-sized alpine house which you can use as a family house, but not for renting or selling. Finally, inside the Lodge you'll also find a chest containing the male and female versions of the Auroran Suits.

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