A Day at the (Chicken) Races
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You'll have to complete the Chicken Chaser quest before this one becomes available to you. Make your way back to the House of Cluck where you met Bernard earlier, and you'll see either Bernard and Patsy, or just Patsy, depending on who you sided with in the previous quest. Either way, you'll have the chicken races explained to you. Head over to the betting table to place a bet with Horace.

The contenders are as follows:
    • The Colonel, with 200:1 odds
    • The Feathered Avenger, with 6:5 odds
    • Two Winged Timmy, with 5:1 odds
    • Mostly Slow Joe, with 18:1 odds
    • Mr. Cluckles, with 2:1 odds
The winnings are based on how much you bet. For instance, betting on The Colonel will yield 200 times the amount of gold you decided to put down. Lower odds mean higher rewards, but you'll have much less chance of winning.

You can return here at any time to repeat the chicken races, and once you have enough to bet the maximum, it can be a reasonably effective way of making money, assuming you play the odds, or just get lucky.

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