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This is the final stage in Lesley's quest chain. Finally, you'll get to fully explore the Dark Sanctum! Speak to Lesley inside the Sanctum to learn that he needs help finding a control lever for activating the central furnace. Lots of evil things you can do with a furnace, like... heating things. Anyway, onward.

Take the key Lesley gives you to the top of the stairs in the main hall, and use it to open the door. Head forward and you'll reach a large, semi-outdoor area with one of the rising platforms you saw in the Reliquary at the start of the game. As before, step in the arrows to raise the platforms, fighting the Hollow Men that appear. You'll reach a staircase and be attacked by Hollow Men on the ledge it leads to, and again a second time shortly after, so deal with them accordingly.

For those who want to skip the unnecessary fighting, the correct order to step on the arrows is: up, left, left, [ledge], right, right, [ledge], left, left, up, right. The other arrows can be safely ignored.

Once you're at the other side of the chasm, run up the stairs and through the door, where you'll find a sarcophagus containing the Ancient Lever. Hollow Men will attack you, so once again, trash them. Take note of a melee Flit Switch hidden behind a pile of rubble in this room; it starts a chain that will eventually open the door to a unique Legendary Weapon, The Tenderiser. Unfortunately, it's blocked by rubble, so you'll have to return later when it's been cleared out. When you're through, make your way back to Lesley.

Upon returning the lever, Lesley will activate the Dark Sanctum's furnace, or as he puts, it barbecue. It seems that he wishes to use it for roasting human sacrifices alive and eating them. That's... that's actually pretty evil, I admit. You'll be given the option to christen the furnace with a poor peasant if you wish, or simply walk away. Naturally, if you perform sacrifices, you'll receive pretty huge numbers of evil points.

Either way, once you're finished, you'll get 10 Guild Seals, access to the sacrificial barbecue, and will be able to fully explore the Dark Sanctum for some additional treasure, described below.

If you want The Tenderiser, a rather excellent maul, you'll need to head back to the room where you got the Ancient Lever after finishing the quest and the Sanctum has been fully opened; hitting the Flit Switch there will cause a simple puzzle of switch-flitting and torch-lighting, opening a door in the main hall. This in turn leads to a chamber containing a platform-stepping, torch-lighting puzzle, but it should be quite easy for you to figure out. The Tenderiser is the second-most powerful melee weapon in the game, but is only really suited to evil characters.

Finally, there's another chest containing some minor loot, which can be found by shooting the switch at the base of the statue in the main hall and following it behind the furnace.

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