The Game
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The Game is one of the more memorable quests in Fable III, and becomes available after meeting the Bowerstone Resistance movement. In order to initiate it, head to Bowerstone Market. From its entrance, head across the bridge and take a left towards Bowerstone Old Quarter. You'll overhear a few people discussing something about an orb and needing a Hero, if you're in the right spot. Head inside and speak to them. High adventure awaits!

You'll be teleported into their game world, the quaint and idyllic little hamlet of Lightwater Village. Pretty, isn't it? There's a few random items to be had around, though none are very useful. The first, the Celery of Doom food item, can be found by taking the left-hand path to the benches, though it doesn't seem to have any special effects. Head through the first gate and you'll see some cardboard cut-out NPCs. There's also another unique food item resting on the well, The Pie of Ineluctable Flatulence, but again, it seems identical to a regular pie. Grab the food and speak to the NPCs if you like, otherwise simply continue forward to the second gate and speak with Arturo, who will tell you of the evil Baron and then open the gate to his tower. Searching around, you'll also be able to find the Tofu of Ultimate Annihilation, which again behaves like regular Tofu. Right! Time to rescue the princess.

Make your way along the path, across the bride, to the not-so-foreboding tower of the evil Baron. The cheerful atmosphere will be quickly remedied and you'll be attacked by a group of wolves, though they're quite easy to deal with and should pose no trouble. Head on through the tower door once you're done.

You'll see the evil Baron and the Princess in "person." Run down the stairs, but be sure to grab the Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3 from the chest on the left, which you'll use later. Run into the darkened room and pull the rather... conspicuous lever. You'll be attacked by some harmless butterflies, then some slightly less harmless Hollow Men. Dispatch them and continue down the hall.

You'll find yourself in a large cavern, taunted by the Baron. Run across the bridge and check the pedestal to find the Legendary Condom of the Gods +5. Uhm. Yes, well. Moving on down the path, you'll find some chickens... that is, Demonic Chickens! Of doom. Fortunately they aren't as dangerous as their name implies, and can be killed in one hit. Slaughter the poor birds and make your way out of the cavern.

Outside, you'll see the game masters' faces towering over you. Proceed forward and you'll be attacked by some Hobbes. The first wave isn't so bad, but vault down the ledge and you'll find some Hobbe wizards to make things a bit more difficult. When they're done teleporting in, the Baron will taunt you once more. Use your Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3 to knock him down in one hit. What a lame villain... anyway, you'll then be given a choice of kissing or threatening the Princess. Your decision determines your epilogue for the quest, but there aren't any good or evil points to be had here.

Once you've made up your mind, you'll be brought back to regular size and receive a substantial reward of 40 Guild Seals, plus the Orb of Magicka as a trophy for your Sanctuary.

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