A Relic of Ages Past
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You'll only be able to receive this quest after finishing the main storyline. Speak with Himilcar in the City of Aurora, near the Demon Door. He wants you to recover a long-lost statue of Tannar the Great, so off you go to Shifting Sands.

When you arrive, run out past the large stone archway in the centre of the desert. You'll have to battle your way through large groups of Dark Minions and Sentinels. Seems like they really don't want you getting that statue for some reason. Ah, well. Once you've torn through them, you'll find the relic you need in a dig spot near some rubble, at the very end of the desert.

Return it to Himilcar in Aurora and he'll give you 5 Guild Seals as reward, and the statue will be returned to its rightful place in the temple. You'll also apparently gain some favour with the people of Aurora, though I haven't observed any obvious benefit to this, or even evidence it really does anything.

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