Mortar and Mourning
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This quest will become available after you've bought the Mourningwood Fort in Mourningwood, which becomes available for purchase after staving off the Hollow Men attack during The Hollow Legion. When you arrive, head up to the battlements where you bombarded the zombies the first time, and you'll find the ghost of Private Jammy who died in the battle; he'll offer you prizes for getting high scores.

You have 200 seconds per attempt, and each Hollow Man killed provides 100 points. To achieve the maximum score possible, it's recommended you aim for groups of Hollow Men. Pay close attention to Jammy's spotting, as he'll alert you to the presence of new groups as soon as they appear; the sooner you put them down, the better.

The prizes are as follows:
    1. 2000 points: Random Legendary Weapon
    2. 1870 points: Health Potion
    3. 1750 points: Random gem (Jet, Ruby etc.)
You'll be able to repeat the mini-game as often as you like even after finishing it.

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