The Pen is Mightier...
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Another game-spanning collection quest which becomes available during The Bowerstone Resistance, The Pen is Mightier... is given by Samuel at the Brightwall Academy, who wants to restore its library to its former glory. You've likely come across at least one or two Rare Books in your travels, and to complete this quest, you'll need to hunt down all 30.

Aside from 25 Rare Books scattered across Albion, which can be found, for the most part, at any time , there are five books only available during certain stages of this quest. For these, Samuel will give you a special request to hunt down a book.
    1. "Book of Mysteries" - after you've returned 5 Rare Books, speak to Samuel to be given the chance to hunt down this one in Chillbreath Caverns.
    2. "The Invocation of the Watchers" - after returning 11 Rare Books, Samuel asks you to find this one in Bowerstone Old Quarter.
    3. "The Pangs of Sunset" - you'll need to bring back 17 Rare Books to Samuel before he'll ask you to find this book in Mourningwood.
    4. "Reaver on Reaver" - Samuel wants 23 Rare Books returned before he asks you to find this one in Shifting Sands.
    5. "The Book of Doom" - this final Rare Book can only be found if you have the 29 others in the library's possession.
For specific details on where to find all of these books, both the "standard" Rare Books and the ones Samuel requests, please refer to our Rare Books page.

Once you've brought back every book to the Brightwall Academy, you'll have Samuel's gratitude, the gift of knowledge, a grand total of 50 Guild Seals, and the Brightwall Book Club achievement.

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