The Bowerstone Resistance
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Upon entering Bowerstone Industrial through the sewers, you'll meet with Walter. It's only a short walk to get out of the sewer (check the dig spot on the left as you exit) before you're in Albion's biggest city, Bowerstone... though from where you're standing, it's probably not quite as pretty last the last view you got from Bowerstone Castle. The Resistance aims to change that. Turns out, the underground movement has been bubbling for some time, and Walter has friends you'll need to meet with in the sewers below the city, so follow along with Walter and he'll take you to them - it's a straight path, more or less, so you'll have no trouble.

Along the way, you'll come across Reaver Industries, a factory owned by everyone's not-so-favourite Hero from Fable II, now apparently spreading his contempt for humanity by running much of Bowerstone's economy in the most inhumane ways possible. You'll see him intimidate a group of protestors and make an example of one, but there's nothing you can do to help him. Once the cutscene's over, continue along with Walter to find the entrance to the Resistance Headquarters.

Once inside, you'll have little chance to explore before being held up by some of the Resistance members, mistaking you for spies or Logan's men. Page will intervene and take you to the conference room, so follow along for now. Inside, you'll find that while Page might be willing to support you, the people of Bowerstone will need proof of your Heroic status. At that moment, a portal to the Road to Rule will appear, and Theresa will once again speak with you. Time for more upgrades! This time you'll have a few sets of new expressions, level 5 job skills, and the Force Push spell. Once you've picked what you need, return back through the portal.

At this point, once again the game opens up, and you'll find that, much like Leaders and Followers, you'll need to gain some Guild Seals to curry favour with Bowerstone residents. This time it's 100, so the requirement is steeper, but there are a larger number of quests available now, and many of them are more lucrative. Speaking of, the following side-quests will now be open to you: Not all of these quests are focused around Bowerstone, it's worth noting, so at this point you are free to explore much of the world and quest around as you leisure. Assuming you're not just blazing through the story, getting 100 Guild Seals should be fairly trivial at this point of the game. As before, please refer to the side-quest guides for specific instructions for the new quests that have become available. Once more, you can also grind combat and social interaction to make up the difference if you so choose.

Once you have the necessary 100 Guild Seals, return to the conference room in the sewers (Major Swift will leave to the castle on the way in). You'll find Page and Walter inside, as well as Ben Finn, from the Fort earlier. Page will tell you that some of her Resistance fighters went to spy on Reaver, but she's worried about their safety. Reaver is holding a masquerade party shortly, so you'll need to go to Millfields and visit Reaver's Manor there and break them out.

Page will give you a gender-specific Masquerade Suit and you'll be rewarded with 50 Guild Seals; when you wish to continue, go meet up with Page outside the Manor. It's the huge building along the Millfields lakeshore; you can't miss it. Let The Masquerade begin!

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