Rescue the Miner's Brother
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This quest is only available to you if you've finished the game, and if you turned Millfields into a quarry during your reign over Albion. Speak to Bill at his cabin inside the quarry, and he'll tell you that the Millfields Mine has been overrun by Hobbes. You'll also need to rescue his brother who's in the mine. Make for the entrance; it's time to clear out those pests.

If you haven't been in the Millfields Mine before, then you'll find a number of bountiful dig spots as you make your way through them, and there's a few chests to loot when you reach the catwalks, but nothing particularly unique. Battle your way through the Hobbes, continuing down the path and to the platform above the chasm, until you reach Bill's brother. Take him by the hand and walk him back out of the mine - you don't actually have to clear the whole thing out.

Reunite the miner with his brother and you'll receive a paltry 5 Guild Seals. And to think, all it took to enable this heart-warming reuinion was the slaughter of two-dozen living creatures and the absolute destruction of a natural wonder in the name of unmitigated profit. Touching.

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