Animal Liberation
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This quest is only available after finishing The Masquerade. You'll find Katie, an animal rights activist, just outside the Demon Door in Millfields. She'll ask you to rescue some chickens held captive in one of the factories in Bowerstone Industrial. Take the Factory Gate Key she gives you and travel there to free the poor creatures from their oppression!

Once you've arrived, find one of the factories near the sewer entrance to Mourningwood (it contains a puzzle involving steam vents and a Silver Key). Head down the alley on its right-hand side and you'll find a gate at the very end - if you hear an Evil Gnome, you're in the right place. Open the gate and you'll find some mercenaries to pummel, so do so, then search the courtyard for a chest and a dig spot. Climb up the stairs to the catwalk above and flip the lever to open the door, then jump down to the main floor.

You'll again be attacked by some Mercenaries, so deal with them as you see fit. These guys are actually pretty tough, so be careful in dealing with them. Once you're done, check the wall under the catwalk for the Evil Gnome you may have heard earlier, and open the chickens' cages using the lever in the middle of the room. Run wild and free, feathered friends! Be sure to grab the chest inside the storage room that opens up along with the cages.

Return to Katie in Millfields and she'll reward you with 5 Guild Seals. Additionally, soon after she'll open up a vendor stall nearby that sells Dog Training manuals.

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