Do the Ends Justify the Means?
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This is it. The day has come when Albion must stand against the Darkness. Hobson will greet you and outline a particularly arduous schedule for your day, only to be interrupted by Theresa. You will be brought to the Road to Rule for the last time (plot-related anyway), and she will judge you as either a saint or tyrant. Depending on your moral alignment and your decisions in ruling Albion, you will be given either a pair of demonic wings and horns (evil), or angelic wings (good). These have little actual effect, unfortunately, and only show up when you do flourish attacks. Ah, well. Spend the last of your Guild Seals if you like, then step through the portal.

You'll end up in your personal chambers in Bowerstone Castle along with Ben Finn and Walter. Depending on whether you fulfilled your promises to your previous allies, others may or may not be there, but they won't actually be involved in the battle anyway. Shortly after Walter reports the damage done by the Crawler's forces, based on how much money you had in the Treasury when you commissioned the army, then you'll be teleported out to the streets of Bowerstone Market.

Bowerstone isn't looking so good; there's Shadows and Dark Minions everywhere, and the black ooze you saw in Aurora is covering just about everything. Walter and Ben Finn will fight with you, along with a few soldiers. The Shadows are nothing special and no different than the others you've faced, so hold out against their onslaught. Continue forward and you'll encounter some Dark Minions and more Shadows. Smash them to bits, and you'll find there's a barricade in the middle of the market square, so take the alley to the right.

At the end of the alley, you'll see Page sitting on a ledge, only for her to disappear. More illusions from the Crawler, it seems. Exit the alley and you'll fight yet more Shadows and Dark Minions on the other side of the square. When they're done, continue down the street. As you pass by one of the shops, you'll be taunted with visions of your own death. Press onward down the street and you'll have to stave off more attacks and taunts, but by now they shouldn't be a big deal. As you turn right and begin to cross the bridge, a Sentinel will appear and you'll have to fight it in close quarters; a Slow Time Potion does wonders here. When it's down, cross to the end of the bridge.

More fighting once you reach the other side, along with explosive barrels you can use to your advantage; seems the Crawler's minions are no smarter than Logan's elite guards. Pummel, slice, burn, or shoot your way through the legions and push your way to the city's gates. Before reaching them, you'll have to face off against another Sentinel. Once again, Slow Time Potions work excellently to exploit its relatively low speed.

In front of the gate, you'll finally meet the Crawler once again. However, before you can do anything, it will crawl into Walter and possess him. You'll have to fight your old friend for the future of Albion. Fortunately, while Walter has a lot of hit points and can deal a large amount of damage, he is still, in the end, a human-like enemy. He will primarily attack with his sword, and his gun when you back away from him. He also has some of the attacks that the Sentinel uses, like the shockwave. He won't be backed up by any allies, so the fight should go fairly smoothly provided you have a Health Potion or two on hand.

After you've defeated Walter, the Crawler dies, and he'll give you some final words before he passes on. You'll soon find yourself in the courtyard of Bowerstone Castle, in front of a newly-erected statue of Walter. The allies you kept your promises to will be present, along with Ben Finn. After they say some closing remarks, the soldiers will begin firing off their guns in salute - only for Theresa to interrupt once more and congratulate either your decisiveness in ruling, or your generosity. She'll disappear for the last time afterwards, and the credits will roll. Congratulations on finishing the game!

Thus ends the story of Fable III, but not all is over just yet. You can continue to play after the ending and see the results of your actions. Based on how much money you had in the Treasury before the attack, you'll find that the world might be either identical to as it was before, or less populated, extremely less so if you were bankrupt. There are a number of quests which only open up once you've completed the main storyline, and you'll finally be able to grab the last of the Gold Keys and Silver Keys. Additionally, if you have the Traitor's Keep DLC, you'll be able to begin its new series of quests by speaking with Hobson in the Throne Room (see our guide here). For more information, please see our Post-Story Content page.

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