Child Benefits
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This quest immediately becomes available upon finishing The Desert Star and advancing to Day 294. You'll be spoken to by Hobson, who prompts you to decide on a policy for child benefits for the citizens of Albion.

Your available options are:
    1. Restore child benefits, so that parents will receive subsidies from the Treasury for raising their kids. This will give you some good karma, but will take 200,000 gold away from the invasion defense fund.
    2. Maintain Logan's policy. No child benefits at all means no change to your morality, no change to people's opinions of you, and no change to the Treasury.
    3. Introducing a fine for having children will help to keep the population down, but more importantly will provide a whopping 1,250,000 gold for the Treasury, and some evil karma to boot. Oh, and people will hate your guts, too.
Although restoring child benefits isn't very expensive, this can be by far one of the more profitable royal edicts you have available during your reign if you choose to introduce the child tax. If you're really struggling for money it just might be worth the evil points and lowered population.

After you're done, Hobson will come in and ask you to decide on the fate of Bowerstone Shelter.

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