Temple's Treasure
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Temple's Treasure requires that you have completed the quest The Desert Star. To begin it properly, you'll need to speak to Priestess Mara, who can be found within the temple in the City of Aurora; check the right-hand wing upon entering for her. She explains to you that many of the sacred dyes that the Aurorans use in their rituals and ceremonies, and day-to-day life, have gone missing as a result of the Crawler's attacks. She needs your help in restoring them by finding samples of the different flowers used to make these dyes.

You've likely seen some of these flowers already, called Auroran Flowers, around Aurora and its outlying areas. There are six colours: red, green, yellow, blue, purple and orange. You'll be rewarded upon returning all of one colour to the temple, though it's likely best to just find them all at once before coming back.

Please refer to our Auroran Flowers page for detailed instructions on how to find all 30 of the flowers.

When you return all 5 of each colour, you'll be rewarded with the option to dye your tattoos that colour, and will receive 10 Guild Seals. You'll also be treated to a little bit of background on Auroran culture in the process. Tattoo dyes cannot be combined, and you will need to visit the temple in order to change the dye.

Upon returning all the flowers, you'll receive an additional 10 Guild Seals bonus, meaning that there are a total of 70 Guild Seals to be had for finding all the flowers, making this one of the most profitable quests to complete as far as experience reward goes.

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