Talk to Reaver in Bowerstone Industrial
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After deciding on the tax policy, you'll automagically be brought to Bowerstone Industrial to speak with Reaver about a proposal he has to raise money. Work your way through the crowds to eventually reach Reaver's Factory to hear out his proposal, as well as what Page has to say about it and propose in his place.

You'll have to decide between these two options:
  1. Reaver, being Reaver, suggests to reinstate the child labour policy that King Logan previously approved during his reign. This will net you a sizeable karma penalty, Page will be furious with you, and well, just think of the children! The upside is, you'll receive 500,000 gold in the treasury.
  2. Page's suggestion is to convert Reaver's Factory into a school, as she thinks education is the key to Albion's future. Although this will remove all profits from child labour and effectively outlaw it, resulting in a 200,000 gold deficit, you'll gain her trust, the kiddies will have a place to learn, and you'll get a sizeable boost to your morality.
Whatever you decide to do, you'll be asked to return to the Throne Room in Bowerstone Castle in order to oversee yet another decision. Since this is your first free time since becoming King or Queen, however, you're free to take as long as you wish in returning. There are plenty of new side-quests open, and there's probably other things you want to tend to as well.

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