Consider Proposal to Rebuild Bowerstone Old Quarter
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After coming back to the Throne Room after deciding on Reaver's proposal, you'll be faced with one final edict for the day: deciding the fate of Bowerstone Old Quarter, which was ruined in the damage your rebellion brought down on the city.

The choices are clear-cut:
    1. Rebuild the Old Quarter and restore it to as it once was. Bowerstone Old Quarter will be brought back to life, and effectively is unchanged from how it was previously. You'll gain some morality for this choice, and of course the benefit of the restored Old Quarter, but the cost is fairly steep, at 550,000 gold.
    2. Leave the Old Quarter in ruins. This will damage your standing somewhat, and the Old Quarter will be permanently scarred. More importantly, any quests you may have had there, you'll be unable to finish, and any property you owned will be gone for good. The upside? It doesn't cost you a dime.
This is one of the more significant decisions, as it will leave the city of Bowerstone permanently changed for the remainder of the game. Even if you're playing as an evil character, you may want to think this one through and consider taking the good choice, as it's probably the most practical for most players.

When you're finished, the clock will advance to 339 Days Left, and you'll return to your room in the Castle, with Hobson.

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