Consider Proposal for an Auroran Outpost
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Upon entering the Throne Room during the 121st remaining day, you'll need to consider a proposal by Kalin. Although Aurora is now under Albion's protection, the Crawler and its forces could strike at any moment to wipe Aurora off the map. Reaver, naturally, stands against her.

As always, your choices are:
    1. Build an outpost to defend Aurora from the Crawler. This will consume 300,000 gold, but will raise your morality and ensure the defense of Aurora. Despite what you may be thinking, this has no effect on the damage eventually done by the Crawler. However, it does lead to a new fort appearing underneath the large stone arch in the middle of Shifting Sands, and there are some minor valuables to gain within it. 2. Reject the proposal. You lose no money, but you will lose some points off your morality slider. Shifting Sands will remain as it was, but of course, Kalin will be very angry with you, seeing your decision as forsaking Aurora for the glory of Albion.
This decision will change what Kalin thinks of you, and she may not be present during the end of the game if you have gone back on your word too many times. The bigger change, though, is the addition of a new fort to Shifting Sands, which contains some minor loot (assuming you actually build it), but it's otherwise not particularly important. There's no real ideal choice to make here, as 300,000 gold is a relatively trivial sum by now.

Immediately after, your day at court will continue, and you'll be asked to rule on the future of Mistpeak Valley, and the Dwellers.

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