The Silverpines Curse
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The Silverpines Curse is a quest only available if you have the Limited Collector's Edition of Fable III on Xbox 360, or the PC version of the game. As its title indicates, it takes place in Silverpines and involves, well, a curse. Let's get started!

Make your way to the crypt just above the Silverpines Village itself; it should be quite easy to find, though you'll likely encounter some Hollow Men on the way. Open its doors and you'll find a sarcophagus containing a wolf's skull inside. A ghostly soldier will appear and mutter something vague about Seth and a Captain, then tell you to bring the skull to an altar. The altar can be found past cemetery next to the crypt, over the ridge; it's fairly easy to spot, as it's surrounded by tall cairn stones.

You'll need to find other three pieces of the wolf's skeleton: its torso, legs, and tail. Unlike most quests, you won't be able to rely on your breadcrumb trail to lead you, so keep an eye on your dog, as it'll indicate when you're near one of the quest items. Here's a guide to the remaining wolf bones:
  1. The Wolf Legs can be found in the pond just outside of Silverpines Village; you should easily spot it, as there's a ghostly soldier waving his arms right above the dive spot. Dive down to claim it, and he'll speak to you, then disperse.
  2. You can find the Wolf Tail near some ruins, taking the trail out of the Village. Look for a stone staircase and a digging soldier, so do some digging yourself for the Tail. I guess those ethereal shovels don't make much of a dent.
  3. The last piece, the Wolf Torso, can be found by following the trail near the Silverpines exit to Millfields. Follow it past the mercenary camp and you'll find some ruins. Look for two glowing torches outside a cave and you should spot another ghost soldier. Run inside and open the chest. These guys are really concerned about following their orders, aren't they?
Once you've grabbed all the pieces of the wolf, return to the altar and place them on it. A ghostly wolf will appear, who by now you've probably figured out is Seth, and follow him. He'll lead you to a crypt entrance; run inside and you'll find a sarcophagus containing the Legendary Weapon, Wolfsbane, a very nice sword which does extra damage to Wolves and Balvarines, and during the nighttime.

Not so fast! Before you go, you'll be attacked by the Captain's ghost and some of his soldiers. If you've faced off against soldiers before, they're about the same, but you shouldn't have much of an issue with them so long as you use your potions and dodge their attacks.

Defeat them in battle, and Wolfsbane, along with a weighty 30 Guild Seals, will be yours.

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