An Island Getaway
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This quest becomes available after completing Pest Control, though you'll have to wait a few days for the Driftwood residents to set up their settlement. You'll find the quest giver, Rusty, in Bowerstone Market, specifically on the upper floor of The Cock in the Crown. He's a gambler with a price on his head, and wants your help in escaping to Driftwood. Yes, it's another escort quest, but this one will help enable you to get a Gold Key, so take him by the hand and drag him through Millfields to Driftwood.

You'll be attacked along the path by Mercenaries. As usual, you can either stick around and defeat them, or try running away while Rusty espouses on the, er, "merits" of a gambler's lifestyle. The ambushes occur near the old factory after leaving Bowerstone, while climbing up the hill to Bower Lake, and near the bridge to Driftwood itself.

Upon arriving in Dirftwood (cross the new bridge to the island camp), you'll receive your 5 Guild Seals. Additionally, Rusty will set up a home for himself, allowing you to access a Flit Switch needed to obtain the Gold Key. See the Gold Keys page for more information on grabbing it. If you've completed all quests relating to Driftwood, you'll receive the Island Paradise achievement about a day after, once Driftwood is fully restored.

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