Fable III Gold Keys
Like Silver Keys, Gold Keys are hidden items new to Fable III, for those who have plundered almost everything but still need an even deeper secret to uncover. Rather than opening chests, Gold Keys allow you to pass through the Gold Doors scattered around Albion that you may notice on your travels. Unlike the Silver Keys, they'll be used up when you open one of the Gold Doors, so you might want to refer to our Gold Doors page for information on which ones contain what reward.

Mistpeak Valley Gold Key Mistpeak Valley

To reach this first easily-attainable Gold Key, head up the trail to Brightwall from the lakeside, keeping to the left until you find the entrance to Chillbreath Caverns. You'll need to run your way through the caverns to the other side, where you'll find an exit. The path can get a little windy, but it shouldn't be too difficult - if you find a Silver Chest, then you're very close. Exit out of Chillbreath and you'll find the Gold Key right in front of you.
Driftwood Gold Key Driftwood

Although you'll see this Gold Key immediately upon entering Driftwood for the first time, on the upper ledge, you won't be able to reach it until you've completeed the quests Pest Control, An Island Getaway, and Gift Wood for Driftwood. Once you've got the Island Paradise achievement, you're all set to get this Gold Key.

Start by finding a Flit Switch near the settlement on the rightmost island - you'll need to cross a wooden bridge to reach it and smash it with a melee weapon. This begins a lengthy Flit Switch chain, so follow the Flit Switch around the islands, hitting it as you go. Some locations the Flit Switch flies to are only accessible after you've got Driftwood fully up and running, hence the requirements above. Eventually you'll reach the Cullis Gate at the top of one of the islands. Go through it, and the Gold Key is yours at the end of the path.
Shifting Sands Gold Key Shifting Sands (Crossroads of Passing)

This Gold Key can only be obtained once the main quest is finished. You'll first need to complete the quest The Key to a Greater Key, by buying a key off of a man in the City of Aurora for 4,000 gold. Travel to the far end of Shifting Sands, towards the dungeon you escaped from with Walter during your first visit to Aurora, and head to the left; you'll find a canyon with a door at the end of it, which your new key will open.

Inside the Crossroads of Passing you'll find another one of those rooms with rising floors. You know what to do by now. Instead of Hollow Men, stepping on the wrong arrow will summon some Dark Minions, which should be no challenge for you by now. If you want to avoid the enemies entirely, the correct order to reach the left room is left, left, forward, forward. The correct order for the room on the right is forward, right, forward, right. Head up from the room on the right two times to reach the final door. Make your way to the end of the path to find the last Gold Key!
The Veiled Path Gold Key The Veiled Path (The Enigma)

This is one of the last Gold Keys accessible to you. You'll need to take yourself down The Veiled Path until you find a stone door headed to The Enigma. Despite its name, the puzzles within are fairly simple. The first room requires you to shoot a Flit Switch above the door to proceed. In the second, light all the torches using your Fireball spell. In the third room, simply kill all the enemies for the doors to open.

You'll find yourself inside a large chamber with a Silver Key and three coloured daises on the floor. You'll also likely notice that there are some coloured candles that correspond to the colours on the floor. Simply play Simon Says, stepping on the floor dais that matches the colour sequence from left to right. For the lazy, the correct sequence is yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue, red. Enter the door that opens, head down the narrow bridge, and claim your Gold Key!