A New Hero
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After traveling via the Sanctuary, you'll find yourself in the Dweller Camp, home of the Dwellers and their leader Sabine. These hardy people will be your first allies in taking down Logan.

For now, follow Walter down the stairs from the Cullis Gate and into the camp proper. Head through the camp, past all the poor, starving Dwellers (you can stop and interact with some of them to gain their favour and, more importantly, Guild Seals), and make your way to Sabine's camp. Sabine is a reclusive sort, and set in his ways, so Walter volunteers to speak with him in advance. He'll give you 500 gold to spend on some Dweller clothes, to help you blend in with the locals, and suggests you hand out the rest of the money to some of the Dwellers. Do what you will, but save about 350 gold for the outfit you'll need to buy. You'll find the clothing store near the centre of the Dweller Camp (follow the glowing trail if you have trouble finding it). To buy the suit, simply approach the clothing stand and press the appropriate key or button.

One you've bought the Dweller Outfit, Jasper will contact you from the Sanctuary. Hit the Start button or Escape key to return to it, and you'll notice it's been cleaned up significantly since the last time you saw it. Note that from now on, the Sanctuary will serve as your menu screen for all intents and purposes. Enter the dressing room and approach the clothing stands, then select the Dweller Outfit, and choose "Wear All". Remember that all your clothing, tattoos and other cosmetic items will be stored in this part of the Sanctuary.

With that done, leave the Sanctuary and head back up the hill to Walter. You'll speak with Sabine, who is skeptical of your status as a Hero. He'll give you three tasks: obtain an artifact from the Reliquary under the Brightwall Academy to prove your status as a Hero, defeat the Mercenaries plaguing the Dwellers to prove your worth as a warrior, and get Brightwall to send supplies to help the Dwellers in order to ensure their survival. A Hero's work is never done, hm? You'll need to make your way to Brightwall Village, and to do that, you'll pass through Mistpeak Valley. Do so by exiting the Dweller Camp via the path out of the town centre, and you'll find yourself in the first truly open area of the game, Mistpeak Valley.

Mistpeak is a very pretty, and large area to explore, and there's all sorts of neat things to find in it, including Silver Keys and your first Demon Door. If you wish, take the time to explore, though remember you don't have any weapons and are limited to your Fireball spell for now. Otherwise, follow the glowing trail down the mountain - you'll be attacked by some wolves on the way, but you should be able to handle them easily - and you'll eventually find yourself at the entrance of Brightwall Village, the first large town in the game.

Brightwall is a major quest hub, with lots of buildings to explore and your first chances at love and relationships (or mayhem and murder, if that's more to your liking), as well as making some real money via mini-games like Pie Maker and Lute Hero. Again, take the time to dally if you wish; there's several quests you can begin at this point if you choose. To get to Brightwall Academy, follow the path into town, across the stone bridge, and make your way up straight through the town; Brightwall Academy is the tall building at the top of the village, and hard to miss.

You'll meet the Academy's librarian at the front desk, Samuel, who will take you for one of King Logan's men. Show him your Guild Seal, however, and he'll quickly change his tune, letting you into The Reliquary, a large underground vault below the Academy, and your first main dungeon area. Note that there is a chest to loot on the left side down the hall, opposite the Reliquary door. After Samuel is done speaking, make your way inside. You'll find yourself in a stone hall with two wings on the left and right sides. To proceed, make your way straight down the hall (there is a Silver Chest in the left wing, and a Rare Book in the right wing), and you'll find yourself in an open area with a central platform. The path to the left is blocked off, but you'll discover a chest at the very end of it.

Double back to the right and eventually you'll come across a Flit Switch. Flit Switches must be hit with the appropriate attack type (melee, firearm or magic) in order to trigger. This particular switch happens to be a melee switch. Quite conveniently, Jasper contacts you right now and asks you to come back to the Sanctuary for... yes, that's right, weapons. Finally! The Hero Sword and Hero Hammer are weapons you can use throughout the game, and will evolve based on how you use them, which enemies you kill with them, your moral alignment, etc.

Once you've chosen the weapon you like (you can always come back to the Sanctuary to change it), hit the Flit Switch in front of you with a melee strike. The bridge will extend, but you won't get too far before running into danger - Hollow Men. These skeletons are some of the more common enemies in the game, and are fairly weak, but dangerous in large numbers. These ones shouldn't pose too much threat, but remember that you can block their attacks and use your flourishes to deal with them more effectively. Your biggest problem here might be getting surrounded. Hollow Men tend to attack in hordes, so keeping your distance or using weapons that deal damage to multiple targets at once (such as the Hero Hammer you just acquired) is usually your best bet.

After cutting down the last Hollow Man, another bridge will extend. Continue across it. Your dog will most likely alert you to a dig spot nearby, so head to the right if you're so inclined; it's in the pile of rubble. You might also want to continue down the path and through the door at the end of the stairs; you won't be able to go much past it, but there is a chest waiting for you. Backtrack to where you came and enter the new room.

Head down the path and you'll come across another large, open space. This time you'll see another Flit Switch, but it's got a magic symbol on it. Getting the hint? Launch a Fireball at it and you'll trigger a platform which rises from below. This will begin a small mini-game where you need to cross the gap using these rising platforms, which rise based on which arrow you step on, with the caveat being that you can only activate each platform once. While it's impossible to fail, you'll have to be careful if you want to collect all the chests. Simply step on the arrows which point in the direction of the chests you want (you'll want to the left, then forward, then right), but be careful not to step on the arrows accidentally, especially when fighting the Hollow Men that get summoned in as you're raising the platforms.

Eventually you'll reach a staircase down to the other side (you won't be able to get to the ledge on the left-hand side right now). Head to the left and you'll need to vault your way down below - you won't take damage from the fall, or any other time you fall for that matter. Continue forward and you'll find that the bridge is out, but there's a pool of water below. Dive down, and swim towards the glowing door in the distance (there's a dive spot on the way).

When you reach this door, stand on the pedestal. Rather than using your surround magic, this time you'll need to charge up a spell by holding the button down and firing it at the door. Move along through the path that's opened, and you'll find yourself in a large chamber. Hollow Men will attack as you step forward, so dispense with them, then quickly divert to the right side, down the slope, for a chest. You might also notice a Silver Key up on the ledge above you - we'll get back to that shortly.

Make your way back up and head farther into the room. You'll be attacked by yet more Hollow Men, so deal with them as you wish, checking the left nook at the end of the chamber for a dig spot. Turn right and go up the stairs, and you'll notice a door on the wall, surrounded by torches. If you've ever played a Zelda game, you know what to do - switch to Fireball and light those torches up. Get all six and the door will open, revealing the Silver Key mentioned earlier. Head back out the door and continue onward.

You'll find yourself in a cave area similar to the Catacombs. Run forward and you'll soon be attacked by Hollow Men. You know the drill by now. There's a dig spot along the way which might yield you something useful, in case you need a Health Potion or similar. Climb up to the top and you'll find yourself back in the ruins again. Your dog will spot treasure, and if you turn right, you'll find the treasure chest from earlier, before diving into the water. Nice!

If you want, you can turn around and head back, but now that you're here, there's something you can tend to. Continue up the cliffside path, with the torches lining it, until you reach the top. Remember the ledge in the room with the rising platforms? That's where you are now. Pull the lever and you'll be attacked by some Hollow Men - these ones are a bit stronger than the others you've faced, but nothing that should challenge you too much. After the battle, a staircase will rise up to reach a ledge that was previously inaccessible. Vault down to the platforms and climb up the stairs, raise the final platform, and claim the Silver Key as your reward. Hop down and make your way through the cave again, it's not too far.

Once you're back to where you left off (or if you ignored the last diversion), step forward into the next room. You'll see another Flit Switch in front of you - this one yellow, and with a bullseye on it. What could that mean? Conveniently, Jasper contacts you to let you know that this Flit Switch needs to be hit by a ranged weapon - and he's also found some for you to use. Head to your Sanctuary, step into the Armory, and choose either your Hero Rifle or Hero Pistol - the Rifle has better range, but is slower, while the Pistol has a shorter range but can fire both faster, and get off more rounds before reloading. Excellent! You've now got access to all three of the Hero Disciplines: Strength, Skill, and Will. It's up to you which one you decide to pursue, whether you specialize or use all equally.

Quit out of the Sanctum and shoot the Flit Switch. A bridge will extend and you'll be attacked by some Hollow Men. These guys are no match for your new guns, which will let you keep them at bay rather nicely. Use whatever methods you wish to dispose of them, continuing up the path. You'll be attacked a couple more times along the way, but they shouldn't be any trouble. Keep making your way up, crossing the bridges that extend and killing Hollow Men, and be sure to grab the chest and later a dig site along the way.

Finally, you'll reach the top. If you have problems with the Hollow Men near the end (they get progressively tougher and more numerous), be sure to use some of the potions you've doubtless found along the way to give you an edge. The final bridge will extend and a large door will open. Stepping into the chamber, you'll find... the Music Box, a relic you might remember from Fable II. This is the artifact Sabine wants to see. Before you pick it up, there's a dig spot around the back of the platform if you're so inclined. Once you've grabbed the Music Box, Theresa will freeze time and you'll enter a portal to the Road to Rule, where you'll see the extent of King Logan's hunger for power.

This marks the end of the current quest, but before you leave, take the time to open the gate and spend some of the Guild Seals you've collected. Now, you may spend them on improving your Strength, Skill or Will abilities to level 1, the new Shock spell, and some other minor abilities. Most notable of these is the Landlord Pack, which will let you buy and sell property. I recommend you begin doing this as soon as possible, as getting a head start on making money will be useful both now and later in the game. Once you're finished, step through the portal and you'll be back in the Brightwall Academy. Congratulations on finishing the first major dungeon in Fable III - there's several more to go! For now, Walter will be waiting in Brightwall to give you your next objective.

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