Crime & Punishment
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During the 294 Days Left phase, after deciding on Bowerstone's sewage policy, you'll be asked by Hobson to talk to Page in the old Bowerstone Resistance headquarters, so make your way to the conference room there when you're ready. When you arrive, Page will tell you that there's been a recent crime spree in Bowerstone led by Nigel Ferret, the old slimeball you might have seen in the Kidnapped quest earlier. Page has a plan to take him out - his men are about to attack the tavern in Bowerstone Market, and you can probably find the whereabouts of Ferret from one of them.

Head up to Bowerstone Market and you'll find the criminals holding up The Cock in the Crown. Kill the thugs and you'll receive a note pointing you to the location of Ferret' Hideout. Head across the bridge and down the steps to the canal, where you'll find a large iron door. Once inside, you'll find Nigel Ferret and a bunch of his goons. He'll taunt you, then escape through a door (of course). Dispose with his thugs and take the hall to the left to chase after the sweaty pig.

In the next room, you'll find more thugs asleep, so get the drop on them by dropping your weapon of choice on their heads. Proceed through the next door into the jail, and fight off some more mercenaries who come at you. You'll see a door to your right; head inside and follow the way to the end to find a Silver Key inside one of the storage cells. Not bad. Turn around and head back through the prison area.

You'll follow the hallway up some steps, and eventually reach a door where a cutscene triggers. Nigel will lock himself inside one of the cells, which he claims has a secret exit, and you'll have to fight two of his thugs. Although they're the toughest of their sort, they won't be much trouble for you at your current level. After the fight, Ferret will surrender and admit that the cell with the secret exit is a different one. Oh dear. He's got another card up his sleeve, though: accept a bribe for 100,000 gold and let him go free. At this moment Page will come in (how did she find you?) and tell Ferret he can rot in his cell. Accepting the bribe will net you some evil points, the crime in Bowerstone will continue, and Page will of course be upset. Keeping Nigel under lock and key will end the crime wave and net you some good points.

Once you've made your decision, you'll have finished the schedule for the day, time will advance to 252 days remaining, and you'll be brought back to Bowerstone Castle to confer with Hobson. Unfortunately, if you want all the loot in the Hideout, you'll have to return later.

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