Leaders and Followers (Part 2)
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When you return to Walter at the Brightwall tavern, he'll give you a bit of a different goal. You need Brightwall to send aid to the Dwellers in order to gain the Dwellers' support, but Brightwall won't rally behind you or the Dwellers' plight without supporting you first. The solution? Perform tasks to gain favour with Brightwall's citizens. Thus begins one of the more freeform sections of Fable III, one of a few that let you progress as you see fit. To gain Brightwall's favour, you need to gain 30 Guild Seals - and no, you won't lose that progress if you spend them on the Road to Rule, so don't worry about that. In order to do this, Jasper calls you to the Sanctuary to explain how to find quests using the map. There are 4 which are immediately available for you to pursue: The details of these quests are listed on their appropriate side-quests pages, since not all of them are crucial to completing the story. Feel free to do just one, or all of them. Of course, it's also within your options to simply grind lots of combat, social interaction, etc., and if you don't care about side-quests this can be a faster way to gain the last remaining Guild Seals you need.

However you earn them, once you're done, you'll need to the entrance of Brightwall Village, where you'll be praised by all the villagers and called upon by Samuel to promise to open the Brightwall Academy when you become King or Queen of Albion. Although you must make this promise right now, as you'll find out later, you won't need to necessarily follow through on it when the time comes.

After this, you'll need to return to the Dweller Camp to make a similar promise to Sabine and the Dwellers, this time to return Mistpeak to the authority of the Dwellers and spare them from the decay King Logan was bringing upon them. Oh, and to give him a traitor's death and all that. Once your promising's all done, you'll be brought to the Road to Rule yet again to spend the Guild Seals you've earned, unlocking a few new expressions, level 3 jobs, and the Ice Storm spell. Upon returning to the Dweller Camp you'll be asked to meet Walter at the Mistpeak Monorail Station. It's time to explore more of Albion and gather some new allies!

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