Missing Play
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For this quest, you'll need to visit Brightwall and speak to the two playwrights Lambert and Pinch, in front of the Academy, during Leaders and Followers. They want help in tracking down the final lost play of the famous Philipth Morley, which is said to combine tragedy and comedy like no other; they already hired a private investigator to look into the matter, without much success.

Head inside the Academy and follow the glowing trail to the back. The doors will close shut in your way as the ghost of Morley warns you away, but simply open them and continue onwards. Pick up the book in the final room and you'll be sucked inside it by Morley's ghost! Inside, you'll need to recreate scenes from some of Morley's past plays. This is straightforward for the first two - simply put on the costume provided, and either go along with the script for good points, or "reinterpret" the scene for evil points.

Either way, you'll continue to the final scene, a desperate last battle where you're supposed to succumb to your attackers - except you don't have to, and can fight off all your attackers if you want to interpret the scene differently (note that being defeated here does not count as being knocked out, and you won't end up scarred). No matter what you do, the scene will come to a close and you'll be brought back to the real world.

Bring the play back to Lambert and Pinch, who will perform the play - and it becomes readily apparent just why it was lost to begin with. Your reward for completing the quest is 20 Guild Seals.

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