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Coming out of the ruined temple where Walter was nearly overtaken by the darkness, you'll emerge into a vast desert full of sand dunes and ruins. Continue bringing Walter by the hand up the stairs, overlooking the expanse. At this point you'll have a choice to make - take Walter with you, or do as he says and leave him behind, as he insist he's slowing you down too much. You'll receive some good points for taking Walter with you, and evil points for leaving him behind. However, even if you take him with you, he'll collapse shortly after and you'll need to trek on without him.

Vault down from the ruins and head off into the desert, and head for the large stone arch in the distance. Although you'll be able to explore a little bit, there's not much you can do or find at this point, but don't worry, you'll return to Shifting Sands later. You might find a few flowers if you poke around for them, which tie into the quest Temple's Treasure; you'll find a full listing of them on our Auroran Flowers page, but for now you have more important business.

Underneath the stone archway, you'll see Walter sitting at a table, be an illusion brought on by the creature in the temple, and you'll be enveloped in darkness. As you continue forward, you'll see ghostly images of Walter. The first time, Walter will be attacked by Shadows; defend him and he'll disappear, so continue forward. The second time, Walter himself will attack you. Head further into the desert towards the distant ruins, and one of the images will speak to you, giving some background into Walter's fear of caves and closed spaces. Eventually, however, you'll be taken over entirely, and collapse... but not all is over just yet.

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