Fate of Bowerstone Shelter and Orphanage
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You'll receive this quest immediately after deciding on Albion's Child Benefits. For this decision, Page and Reaver will stand before you on what to do with the Bowerstone Shelter and Orphanage, the large building you may have seen during the Kidnapped quest earlier in the game.

The two choices are:
    1. Renovate the building, providing adequate shelter to Bowerstone's homeless, as well as to the orphaned children of Albion. Doing this will cost only 50,000 gold, but will raise your favour and raise your morality.
    2. Turning the building into a brothel will, of course, allow you to use the escorts there, and unlocks an additional minor quest, Whorezone, plus the obvious bad karma. More importantly, this will generate 1,250,000 in gold, making it again one of the most profitable choices during your rule.
It's worth noting that whatever you choose, you'll still be able to adopt children, either from within the Orphanage itself or outside it (urg, maybe I don't want to know where all those kids came from). While the cost of renovating isn't that high, the profits generated for turning it into a brothel are quite extreme, so again, if you're really pressed for money (or just playing an evil character) you might want to consider this route.

Immediately following this decision, you'll be called upon to decide what to do with Bowerstone Industrial's sewage.

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