An Ancient Key
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This quest is the follow-up to Special Delivery, and takes place within The Reliquary. Speak to Saul at Brightwall Academy, and he'll ask you to escort him to one of the doors below the Academy. He's concerned it's dangerous, and can't go alone, so take him by the hand and bring him there yourself.

Follow the way you came at the beginning of the game, through the library and down the stairs to your right, defeating the Hollow Men that appear as you escort Saul. Find the side passage nearby and take the long staircase up to a large door, which your key will open. Inside you'll find the library, and Saul will thank you for your help. Be sure to grab the Rare Book in the corner of the room, and if you're interested in opening all the Gold Doors, a Flit Switch that begins the sequence to open the one inside The Reliquary can be found nearby.

Completing this quest will give you a modest 5 Guild Seals, and more importantly open up the next quest, An Evil Presence.

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